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About Us

We started the business from a passion of welding and hydraulic cylinder repair. Through quality work and dedication, we have formed a customer base dependent upon us. By keeping quality and craftsmanship our top priority we have been in business for over a decade. Through being in business for years, we have picked up on all the essential equipment necessary for welding and hydraulic cylinder repair. From a 20' Lathe, Bridgeport's, 5 welding machines, plasma cutter, to a hydraulic table for disassembling cylinders. This allows us to be able to produce quality and speed for the customer. Our customers are what has kept us going, so we don’t allow anything to go out the door without confidence that our name is on it. We work with customers based upon their individual needs, which we have learned is what makes them want to come back.

Hydraulic Capabilities

Up to 30' long x 30" diameter
Seals in stock, or next day delivery

Any Rod
Any Barrel
Pins and Bushings
Specialty Items

Pumps, Motors, Winches